DATA has been specialized in design and production of steering systems and deck machinery since 1945.

With our continual investment in research, design and unwavering commitment to quality has earned us

a good reputation in steering systems and deck machinery systems for all kind of marine vessels.

With incorporation of 70 years of experience, detailed computer aid designs and correctly selected marine grade materials and componets, DATA products are dedicated to perform under toughest sea conditions with low maintenance and reliability while meeting high-quality standards and visual criteria.

With our many years experience of manufacturing for marine use, we are well aware of all the problems concering operation in marine atmospheric conditions.

Because of this reason we are selecting our materials to provide highest quality for reliability and safety.


To develop innovative products and provide customer oriented services in yacht, ship and tugboat equipments sector.


To be the first preferred brand in yacht, ship and tugboat equipments.


  • Establishing a system based on , continuous design improvement principle, satisfying the customer demand in full manner even in every condition, providing innovative products,
  • Training and improving the employees to meet highest production standarts
  • Enhance progressively the technology, knowledge and human resources,
  • Providing highest quality product and service,
  • Developing the quality system, to analyze and control the status and to operate with minimum defect


Beside our standart range of pruducts, we offer tailor made solutions. As every project is unique we believe our solutions should fulfill this. Each and every solution we design and create is specifically tailored to represent individual success whilst retaining existing corporate branding.