DATA towing winches can be rated up to 80 tons of pulling and 180 tons of brake holding capacity. Towing winches can be hydraulic or electric motor driven Hardened steel gears work in oil bath. Drum clutches are friction type and pneumatic operated which enables the operator to engage or disengage the drum easily at any postion of the drum. Friction clutch also provides safety against over load. Clutch is engaged by means of pressurized air and disengaged by spring. Drum brakes of the towing winches are spring compressed and pneumatic released opposite to the friction clutch mechanism. Clutch and brake are controlled by means of a single lever on the control panel. Drum surface where brake pad contacts can be stainless steel as an option. Depending on the braking force, there can be 1 or 2 brakes on the drum. Drum release system is standart for all DATA towing winches. Brake and clutch can be disengaged by pushing a button on the control panel and drum is released. Winches with steel wire are equipped with chain driven spooling system. Aft towing winches can be single or double drum on one shaft. Fore winches can be combined with one or two wildcat for anchor. Monitoring system is optional for towing winches. A touch screen monitor on the wheel house control panel displays line load and the length of the rope out of the drum. Towing winches can be also controlled in automatic tension mode as an option. The required tension is setted on the control panel by percentage of max. winch pull.